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Swapnil N. Modak    16 Jul, 20:24

Thoungambi    15 Jul, 23:28

Parth Haresh Parekh    13 Jul, 23:04

Sourabh Sir makes concepts extremely clear. Sir teaches from the basics to the next level such that you get extra marks. Every ophthalmology resident must get this. There is also a feature to see later the recorded lectures after the live class which helps a lot bring a resident. The classes make the subject easy to understand.

Manish Sharma    07 Jul, 16:33

Awesome course with best faculty

Kalbe Abbas    06 Jul, 23:04

Abhi Mahajan    06 Jul, 11:53

Best & genius ophthalmology teacher in India...must for all ophthalmology thing about ophthalmology course along teaching & is that... when ever I had doubt, queries during my exam preparation ...Dr. Sourabh sir solved it & guided me in a right direction... Ophthalmology notes which are provided in class, have covered all important theory & viva questions...Believe need to read: reference book/articles/attend seminars in residency...just join DAMS ophthalmology master class...thankyou sir for making ophthalmology so much easy for me...

Jay Umeshbhai Rana    30 Jun, 22:40

eyelid anatomy is half done,not coverings orbitals septum,how doesn’t it makes sense

Anamika Pandey    29 Jun, 18:23

Shefa    27 Jun, 00:04

Anshul Garg    17 Jun, 23:23