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Dr Jim Alex    23 Oct, 09:09

Sir, I am not able to access pedia4pg via my laptop. Can you please solve this problem?

Sanjeet    24 Sep, 20:43


Alladi Sricharan    26 May, 22:09

It is worth every penny. Siddharth sir simplifies every topic , great initiative sir

Mohammed Arif    31 Mar, 09:03


Dr Shubhakanta Patel    29 Jan, 13:57

Excellent initiative Sir, Thank you

Dr Sidharth Kumar Sethi    21 Jan, 18:22

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Dr Sourabh Sharma    20 Jan, 11:27

Excellent initiative

Dr. Arvind Kumar    20 Jan, 11:13

Learn from the best

Dr. Manish Chhabra    13 Jan, 21:31

Great opportunity for Paediatric residents.

Sachin Arora    03 Jan, 17:13

V useful for pediatric residents.