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Akila Senthilkumar    04 Jun, 11:31

Please add me in telegram group sir...I went through "Basic proforma""by Dr.Srinath Chandramani sir.. That was very informative, useful and interesting..I would like to add this in"Edema-we were taught to mention as Bilateral,symmetrical,non inflammatory,pitting pedal edema(or according to patient)"

Randeep Singh    18 Sep, 21:22

Please add in telegram group

Pulkit Jayeshbhai Patel    16 Jul, 14:07

Ishan    24 Jun, 20:22

Please add me in telegram group

Hot Cross Bun    28 May, 10:14

kindly add more videos on latest guidelines, approach to disorders etc

Abisekha C S    20 May, 01:11

Ppp    18 May, 21:25

Abrar Tattapure    12 May, 00:13

please add me on telegram group

Madarapu Vijayakrishna    11 May, 18:57

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Dr.aman Thathai    11 May, 16:42

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