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Yash    30 Aug, 23:35

Akash Suslade    01 Jun, 18:48

lectures are very simple and easy to understand....thanku manish sir

Sunit Kour    31 May, 00:44    18 May, 10:53

Himani    07 Feb, 23:38


M B    17 Jan, 16:25

At first I was skeptical about enrolling myself in ORT course. But then, since Dr. Manish Chhabra Sir had made Ophthalmology so easy during DAMS coaching (I'm sure everybody agrees to that) I trusted my gut and subscribed. The course get updated every now and then with new videos and MCQs.. Also there are plenty of PDFs on important topics (very crisp and concise). The best part is, we can request him personally for the videos if we don't find it in the platform. You can build your concept in the subject only after going through AAO, Yanoff... Also, Ophthalmology is a subject which you have to stay in touch always, otherwise you forget what you read (everyone is aware about the volatility of the subject). The modules have given me a better understanding of the subject and excellent concept with better retaining of the topics on the go; without going through thick book especially when exams are on my head and saturated. Ophthalmology has gone so far today with so many recent advances, and not all medical colleges in India are well equipped. This is the platform you residents can rely on.

Navchint Singh    26 Dec, 23:07

excellent platform for every ophthalmology resident.

Dr. Manish Chhabra    09 Dec, 23:37

We’ll keep on updating it with more & more MCQs, clinical videos and Knowledge bubbles from time to time. For any further queries, Drop a message on +91 9814111330. Best wishes #TeamDAMS