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Anjali Yadav    26 Jan, 23:30

pls extend the course for atleast 2 months as we have proffs in March

Prachi    26 Jan, 02:19

please extend the course for atleast 2 months as we have profs in march

Ashima    25 Jan, 20:02

Sir joined the course on paper in Jan2021 just 1-2 ent classes were taken,joined on hope of attending live classes,so being new batch we were said live will happen in future,had 2nd yr exams in march .Covid came so again no live, started attending app live in april,and now the previous live lectures have not been covered which I hoped should have.They are in recorded version ,so I would have to see them but again exams are approaching of 3rd yr,and validity is till march.Sir it's a request can't you extend validity beyond that keeping in mind the situation we are going through.

Saloni    24 Jan, 20:18

Sir we have our final proffs in March , kindly extend the validity as we won't be able to attend offline classes during internship

Harnoor Kaur    20 Jan, 23:02

Sir please extend the access of videos by at least a month as we have our preproffs and proffs till march

Ananya Sinha    20 Jan, 22:30

Sir we have our pre proffs and proffs till March. Please extend the video access for at least a month.

Shreyash A Chandak    18 Jan, 10:15

Meghna Barua    17 Jan, 22:41

sir we have our university exams in march. Please extend the course till April

Aditya Bose    16 Jan, 15:22

Sir our university exams are in March and it will be very helpful if the course gets extended by just a month...please sir and mam..if possible

Sudipta Bhattacharjee    16 Jan, 00:03

please extend the course at least till mid July if possible till october