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Dr Sumer Sethi    24 May, 14:54

S Karthick Velavan    27 Jan, 16:56

Respiratory system not working

Somdatta Giri    14 Sep, 21:16


Madhujya Saikia    08 Aug, 13:15

did everything with dedication and made notes... but I am still confused if it is enough to clear neet ss

Rajnish Kumar    31 Jul, 20:56

overall average course....except pulmonology part.......which was brilliantly explained by the presenter.

Vikash Kumar    23 Jan, 18:17


Prashant    21 Nov, 22:29

Overall the content is good. if done throughout and with dedication, will be very useful for the exam. thanks Dams

Rajarshi Chakraborty    20 Jul, 15:33

Thanks ☺️ DAMS helped me

Manjunath Venkatapur    27 Mar, 10:49


Naveenkorivi    19 Mar, 19:08

Not extensive for dm