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MBBS and medical PG seats in India have increased by 80% since 2014: Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Peeyush Ghalot
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened about 11 new medical colleges and a Central Institute of Classical Tamil (CICT) in the state, claiming that the number of MBBS and medical PG seats in India has increased by 80% since 2014. In response to the country's physician shortage, he stated that "maybe vested interests did not allow prior governments to take the right decision" and address the problem. He also mentioned that access to medical education is an issue that needs to be addressed, stating that in 2014, India had just 387 medical colleges.

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According to him, there were just 82,000 MBBS and PG Medical seats in 2014, but there are now 1.48 lakh seats — "an increase of 80%." According to him, the number of AIIMS hospitals has expanded from seven in 2014 to 22 today (number of projects approved). Modi said that his government had regularised medical college regulations without sacrificing quality. "Perhaps it was the first time in the country to have the inaugurations of 11 medical colleges at the same time," he added of the new initiatives. I just launched nine medical colleges in Uttar Pradesh, so I'm on my way to breaking my record." "I envision India as a destination for high-quality, low-cost healthcare," he remarked.

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