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Centre has planned to build 157 new medical colleges, but several states are having trouble finding land.

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Peeyush Ghalot
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(Picture: - eHealth Magazine)

To boost the health infrastructure, the Centre has decided to establish 157 new medical colleges. These initiatives are still being hampered in certain states by difficulties such as land availability, according to Union minister Bharati Pawar. Priority will be given to underserved areas in order to strengthen health infrastructure. The central government has set a goal of increasing the number of AIIMS from six to twenty-two. These are tasks that must be completed within a certain amount of time. However, these initiatives are encountering difficulties in a number of states. These projects are stalled in several states due to a lack of available land. Work comes to a halt for one to two years. The Union government was providing funding to facilities, but there were still some concerns. Under the second phase of the COVID emergency relief plan, the central government has provided a fund of roughly Rs 23,000 crore, with Maharashtra receiving a large portion of it to deal with the potential third wave. As the need for this life-saving gas increased during the second wave of the pandemic, the priority was given to increasing the capacity to generate medical oxygen.

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