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Radiology Continues to Attract the Best, INI-CET Result July Session 2021

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Peeyush Ghalot
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It's no surprise that radiology is a strong contender in postgraduate medicine, alongside orthopedics and medicine. Unlike other specialties, a master's degree in Radiology suffices, and you don't need to spend another year or two unless you wish to specialize super. The AIIMS PG result for the July session was released on December 23rd by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. The results of the INI-CET 2021 for the July session have been released. Out of the top 10 rank holders, five toppers have Radiology as their Specialization subject choice. Radiology continues to attract the finest, with the primary attractions being variety in employment, the opportunity to deal with cutting-edge technology, the option to engage in interventions, and the prospect for work-life balance.

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Radiology is a young discipline with a lot of possibilities for advancement. Learn more about the future potential in the Radiography stream from Dr. Sumer Sethi, as well as the reasons why top medical graduates choose to pursue a career in radiology. Dr. Sumer Sethi, MD (DAMS), is an internationally recognized radiologist, entrepreneur, blogger, inventor, TedX speaker, and motivational speaker who has pioneered work in his field and educated thousands of medical students.

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