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Four Rounds of NEET Quota Counselling will be Conducted by MCC

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Peeyush Ghalot
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The Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) of the DGHS, MoHFW, announced that from the academic year 2021-2022 onwards, it will hold four rounds of all-India quota counselling for NEET-UG and PG admission. Two regular rounds, a mop-up round, and one all-India quota stray vacancy are among the four rounds of counselling. The following is a detailed description of the counselling process: -

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• AQI Round 1, AQI Round 2, AQI Mop-up round, and AQI stray vacancy round are the four rounds of counselling that MCC will perform.

• After Round 2, MCC will fill the remaining seats in an online mop-up and stray vacancy round.

• The four rounds will be held primarily for AQI seats having an All India character, wherein states contribute 15% of UG and 50% of PG seats.

• Only new candidates will be eligible to participate in the first three rounds, not the stray vacancy round and Only in Round 1 will candidates be given the choice of an upgrade and an accessible exit.

• Candidates who accept the given seat in Round 1 are not permitted to quit and cannot participate in further rounds of counselling.

• Candidates who do not take their assigned seat in Round 2 will be eligible for additional rounds of counselling if they pay a security deposit and register again in the mop-up round.

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