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New drug treatment of non-alcoholic fatty Liver disease

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Dr Sumer Sethi
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A new drug called Resmetirom has been shown to reduce both liver scarring and inflammation compared to no treatment in patients with biopsy proven non-alcoholic severe fatty liver disease (called NASH).

This drug could potentially be approved (and the first drug to be approved) for treatment of NASH.

It will be probably be approved to treat F2 to F3 (moderate to advanced) liver fibrosis.

Approximately 2 of 10 patients treated will have NASH resolution and approximately 1 of 10 patients treated will have fibrosis (scarring) improvement.

Drug is costly and could only work better when combined with other drugs (because most patients will have diabetes and obesity - even that needs to be taken care of).

Long term effects remain unknown - for example this drug suppresses thyroid function, so a hypothyroid-like state could occur (needs further observations) and a theoretical loss of bone mass.

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