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MBBS: A license to practice medicine in China is required to take the FMGE

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Peeyush Ghalot
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Students who are enrolled in MBBS programmes in China have once more received a warning from the Indian Embassy in China. The Foreign Medical Graduates Examination in India will only be open to those who adhere to the preceding guidelines governing the courses. The fresh graduates must pass the Chinese medical qualification examination to obtain the Physician Qualification Certificate after completing the MBBS programme and the internship in China. The candidate must have this licence in order to practise medicine in the nation where they studied. The warnings have been repeated, according to the embassy, as China's medical institutions are about to start the admissions process. In addition, it's expected that many Indian students who returned home as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak will do so to finish the coursework. Another crucial guideline is that since Chinese is required for clinical sessions at colleges, all students must study the language up to HSK-4 level. The representatives of the Indian embassy claimed that the National Medical Commission's recommendations had been communicated to the Chinese authorities (of India).

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