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Researchers at IIT Guwahati create an AI model to forecast how fractures in the thigh bone would heal

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Peeyush Ghalot
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An artificial intelligence (AI) model has been created by researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati to forecast how thigh bone fractures would heal following surgery. With the aid of the model developed by Dr. Souptick Chanda, assistant professor in the department of biosciences and bioengineering, and his colleagues, the best fracture fixation approach may be selected for the patient based on their physiologies and fracture type. Such accurate models help speed up the healing process, ease financial strain, and lessen suffering for people needing treatment for thigh fractures. To understand the fracture's healing process following various treatments, the research team applied fuzzy logic AI and finite element analysis. The effectiveness of each procedure for treating fractures was further examined in the study's analysis of the impact of different screw fixation systems. The AI-based simulation model from IIT Guwahati can assist surgeons in determining the best method or implant for a fracture therapy. The model can take into account numerous clinical occurrences, such as smoking, diabetes, and other conditions, in addition to a variety of biological factors that are patient-specific. The model can also be adjusted for veterinary fractures, which resemble human patients in a number of ways. The researchers intend to create software or applications based on the algorithm to be used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities for fracture treatment methods. The incidences of thigh-bone and hip fractures have dramatically grown as a result of the growing global elderly population, and research conducted by IIT Guwahati experts is beneficial in this regard.

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