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China's Indian Embassy has a list of 45 medical schools that are permitted to participate in FMGE.

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Peeyush Ghalot
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A list of 45 approved medical schools from which applicants to Indian colleges may take the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) has been released by the Indian Embassy in China. The embassy also provided the names of the students who had previously passed the FMGE as well as their pass percentage. According to information provided by the embassy, only 15.85 percent, or 6,793 out of 42, 857 students who studied in these Chinese colleges, would have passed the FMGE and been eligible to practise medicine in India as of September 15, 2022. Any student who completes their medical school outside of India is required to obtain FMGE clearance before they can practise or continue their medical education in India, according to National Medical Commission (NMC) norms. The official website of the Indian Embassy in China currently has the most recent list of the 45 Chinese medical universities.

 • Shihezi University

• Jinan University

• Xiamen University

• Sun Yat Sen University

• North Sichuan Medical College

• Ningbo University

• Harbin Medical University

• Jinzhou Medical University

• Wenzhou Medical University

• Anhui Medical University

• Zhejiang University

• Sichuan University

• Xinjiang Medical University

• Qingdao University

• Southwest Medical University

• Capital Medical University

• Nanjing Medical University

• Tianjin Medical University

• China Medical University

• Southern Medical University

• Guangxi Medical University

• Beihua University

• Jiangsu University

• Kunming Medical University

• Guangzhou Medical University

• Southeast University

• Ningxia Medical University

• Yangzhou University

• Huazhong University Of Science & Technology

• Tongji University

• Xuzhou Medical University

• Zhengzhou University

• Soochow University

• China Three Gorges University

• Nantong University

• Hebei Medical University

• Shandong University

• Xi An Jiaotong University

• Chongqing Medical University

• Fujian Medical University

• Wuhan University

• Dalian Medical University

• Jilin University

• Shantou University

• Fudan University

Before moving to China, prospective students were advised to research the university's inclusion on the list of 45 universities, the course length (which varies from university to university), the curriculum, the language of instruction, the mode of instruction (online or offline), the fee schedule, and the visa requirements.

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