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In India, certain anti-cancer medications and antibiotics will become more inexpensive.

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Peeyush Ghalot
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The National List of Essential Medicines has included 34 new items, including several anti-cancer medications, antibiotics, and vaccinations. According to the government, this will lower "patients' out-of-pocket expense." With the addition of anti-infectives including Ivermectin, Mupirocin, and Meropenem, the number of medications covered by the list now stands at 384. Four important anti-cancer medications have been added to the list: nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and buprenorphine, which treat several types of cancer. These pharmaceuticals are bendamustine hydrochloride, irinotecan HCI trihydrate, lenalidomide, and leuprolide acetate. However, 26 medications from the prior list have been removed, including ranitidine, sucralfate, white petrolatum, atenolol, and methyldopa. According to the criteria of cost effectiveness and the accessibility of superior medications, the elimination has been made. In order to achieve "Sabko Dawai, Sasti Dawai," the ministry is undertaking a number of initiatives. At all levels of healthcare, NLEM is crucial in ensuring that affordable, high-quality medications are available. This would encourage the development of high-quality, affordable medications and help to lower the amount of money that citizens must pay out of pocket for healthcare.

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