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The FDA has approved a new medication to help individuals with a rare cardiac ailment operate better.

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Peeyush Ghalot
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The New York Heart Association (NYHA)External Link Disclaimer class II-III obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (oHCM) in adults with symptoms is now being treated with Camzyos (mavacamten) pills, which have been authorised by the FDA to reduce symptoms and enhance exercise capacity. It is a rare condition called oHCM that prevents blood from the heart from reaching the rest of the body because the heart muscle swells, particularly in the septum. Although oHCM can produce significant symptoms and even death, its severity varies. The symptoms, which have a big impact on daily activities and quality of life, include palpitations (the sensation that your heart is pounding), shortness of breath, swelling in your legs, and decreased exercise capacity. Adults who were randomly allocated to receive Camzyos or a placebo for 30 weeks were evaluated to determine the drug's efficacy and safety in the treatment of NYHA class II-III oHCM. At the end of the trial, a measure of exercise ability and symptoms showed improvements in 37% of those receiving Camzyos, compared to 17% of those receiving a placebo. Camzyos inhibits the heart's ability to contract fully, which can lead to cardiac failure or completely stop the ventricles from working (lower chambers of the heart). Camzyos increases the risk of heart failure and reduced heart muscle contraction in patients with major concurrent illnesses (such a serious infection) or arrhythmias (atrial fibrillation or other uncontrolled rapid heart rhythm abnormalities). Patients using Camzyos must be monitored with echocardiograms, an imaging test that reveals how well the heart is functioning, due to the possibility of heart failure. Additionally, several over-the-counter and prescription medications that prevent Camzyos from being metabolised (broken down) must be avoided by patients. Camzyos is only accessible through a limited programme known as the Camzyos Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy. This is because Camzyos has a restricted availability due to the risk of developing symptomatic or life-threatening heart failure if monitoring is not adhered to or if it is used with medications that interfere with its metabolism (REMS). By reducing the danger of heart failure brought on by weakened heart muscle contraction, the REMS programme contributes to safe usage.

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