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Major Regulation Draft by National Medical Council

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Peeyush Ghalot
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(Image Courtesy: - Medical Dialogue)

Major Regulation has been drafted by National Medical Council which needs to be followed by the Medical fraternity.

• No to online consultation or prescription.

• No to sharing feedback on doctor in his review page  

• No to sharing post-op patient feedback.

• No to sharing surgical video on social media.

• No marketing and increasing visibility in medical consultation apps like Practo etc  

• Doctor returning from Foreign University where MBBS is mentioned or equivalent as MD Cannot mention as MD in India. Unless they complete FMGE and obtain a MD Degree separately in India  

• Ayurvedic medicine doctors cannot practice allopathy treatment

For Telemedicine practice written consent, a must (digital signature)

• Below 18 years consent from parents or guardians is compulsory.

• Expert opinions given by doctors by telemedicine must be correct and accurate. Not misleading.

• NO interaction or discussion about treatment on social media.

• Doctors cannot post reports or images of patients on social media

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