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Five new medical colleges are certain to open

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Peeyush Ghalot
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From the next academic year, the state government would invest Rs 2500 crore in five new medical schools in Gujarat, adding 500 seats to the existing 5700 medical seats. The programme aims to turn Gujarat into India's medical powerhouse and improve the medical infrastructure, which was exposed during the Covid outbreak. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had previously proposed for the establishment of a medical college in each of the country's districts. According to health department sources, the state currently has six government medical colleges and eight private medical colleges (GMERS).

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In total, the state provides 5700 medical seats. Morbi (Rs 627 crore), Porbandar (Rs 390 crore), Godhra (Rs 512 crore), Navsari (Rs.542 crore), and Rajpipla will also get new medical colleges (Rs 529 crore). The state will invest a total of Rs 2500 crore to build the new colleges. GMERS will open five new colleges in Morbi, Porbandar, Navsari, Godhra, and Rajpipla in the coming academic year. Each medical college will have 100 seats, resulting in the addition of 500 additional medical seats to the current ones. Aside from the new colleges, the Civil Hospital (Asarwa), Gandhinagar Civil Hospital, and Sola Civil Hospital will be converted into super-specialty hospitals, bolstering health services and medical education. According to a representative from the state government's Project Implementation Unit, the government has approved the construction of five new medical colleges this year, with a budget set aside for them.

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