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DAMS has Launched a Simulation-Based Medical Education Program.

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Peeyush Ghalot
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Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences pioneered simulation-based medical education to ensure that students learn from the finest, regardless of location or college. In medical education, simulation is an essential tool for bridging the gap between theory and practice. You are a leader if your actions encourage others to dream bigger, study more, do more, and grow. In India, DAMS is the market leader in medical education test preparation. The quality of medical education in India is uneven, and DAMS, which recently celebrated 22 years of classroom teaching and 500,000 downloads on its mobile app eMedicoz, has taken things to the next level by establishing Simulation-Based Medical Education at its Delhi facility. Simulation-based education is an innovative concept that benefits students in many ways. It provides an organized, learner-centered environment in which rookie, intermediate, and advanced practitioners may learn or practice skills without endangering patients.

Dr. Sumer Sethi, the founder of DAMS, spoke at the event and expressed his passion and ambition for democratizing medical education. "At DAMS, we are on a mission to ensure that every medical student, regardless of location or college, has the opportunity to study from the finest," he stated. We are launching a new mission, DAMS-SIM, which will provide simulation-based skill training for medical students, beginning this week in the Delhi facility. In medical education, simulation is an essential tool for bridging the gap between theory and practice. The Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences is continuously striving to improve medical education, which is why they established the eMedicoz app, which helps to bridge the gap between medical students.

About DAMS:

The Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences (DAMS) was founded to set a benchmark institution for achieving success in the country's most difficult competitive test, the PG Medical Entrance Exam. Over the years, the DAMS has developed into a unique brotherhood of educators and students who work together year after year toward a common objective. The eMedicoz app's innovation helps to bridge the gap between medical students preparing for various post-doctoral career opportunities and provides them with a common platform where they can get all relevant information in one place and prepare for national level examinations such as NEET-PG, NEXT, FMGE, USMLE, NEETMDS, NEETSS, and Medical CME. Students may debate medical situations with their seniors and classmates from all around the world with this app. DAMS, a pioneer of LIVE two-way interactive education via the eMedicoz app, has revolutionized the learning landscape by introducing interactivity to E-learning.