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The Man died after receiving a genetically modified pig's heart.

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Peeyush Ghalot
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(Image Courtesy: - BBC)

The first person in the world to receive a heart transplant from a genetically modified pig has died. David Bennett, who had a deadly heart condition, lived for two months after surgery in the United States. His condition began to deteriorate a few days ago, according to his Baltimore doctors, and the 57-year-old died on March 8. Prior to the procedure, Mr Bennett was aware of the risks and admitted that it was "a shot in the dark." The US medical authorities granted a special authorization to doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Centre to carry out the treatment on the grounds that Mr Bennett, who was ineligible for a human transplant, would have perished otherwise. He had been bedridden for six weeks and was linked up to a machine that kept him alive before the treatment. What has happened since then, and the exact cause of Mr Bennett's death, is unknown. These trials' outcomes will reveal how close we are to using pigs to alleviate the global shortage of donor organs in the future.

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