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NMC - New Changes in Medical Education.

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Peeyush Ghalot
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The NeXT will replace the final year undergraduate test and the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test as admission criteria to postgraduate specialist programs (PG). Students who pass the test will be awarded a license to practice modern medicine in India and registration in either the state or national medical registers. To practice medicine in the United States, one must pass the medical license test. NeXT intends to alleviate the problem of foreign medical graduates by reducing the stress of several tests while also introducing world-class standards. It will be the same for everyone, whether trained in India or anywhere else globally.

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Experts in the state's medical education community have raised reservations about NeXT replacing MBBS final examinations, claiming that the move might jeopardise the state's attempts to increase the number of physicians accessible. The current epidemic has highlighted the state's need for more physicians, particularly in rural regions. The MBBS finals occur twice a year, whereas NeXT takes place just once. According to the Draft Postgraduate Medical Education Regulations 2021, the National Exit Test results are valid for three years from the date the individual becomes eligible to be awarded a license to practice for admission to postgraduate-wide specialty courses. After the validity of the National Exit Test marks has expired, the person must retake it and qualify.

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