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Covid restrictions, including mandated face masks, are being rolled back by UK PM.

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Peeyush Ghalot
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COVID-19 measures, including forced face masks, will be phased out in England, according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The United Kingdom was one of the first countries to give vaccination and one of the first in Europe to do so. This was due to the United Kingdom's bold decision to pursue its vaccine procurement outside the European Medicines Agency. The UK prime minister claimed that his country was the first to emerge from the Omicron wave because it concentrated on the NHS to conduct Europe's fastest booster program.

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Thanks to the remarkable booster campaign and the public's response to the Plan B legislation, we can revert to Plan A in England and allow the Plan B laws to expire. Plan B measures include legally mandated face mask, COVID passes, and instructions to work from home. A total of 52,133,611 persons have gotten the first vaccination dosage, with 47,989,635 receiving the second dose. A booster dose was given to 36,546,583 patients in the meanwhile. The United Kingdom was the first government to issue a warning about COVID-19 mutations, limiting foreign travel due to the Omicron form, and introducing work-at-home counsel, more mask-wearing.

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