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NMC declares conversion treatment is improper

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Peeyush Ghalot
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The National Medical Commission (NMC), which has also written to all the State Medical Councils, declared that "conversion therapy" will be considered professional misconduct and authorized them to take disciplinary action against medical personnel who engage in it. The action is a crucial one in the fight against quackery. Experts claim that "Reparative" or "conversion" therapy, which targets LGBTQ+ kids and attempts to change their sexual orientation or gender identity, is a harmful practise. Conversion therapy—also referred to as "reparative therapy"—involves a number of risky and debunked procedures that make unfounded claims that they can alter a person's sexual orientation, gender identity, or mode of expression. Conversion therapy is still used by some professionals despite the fact that it has been condemned for years by all mainstream medical and mental health organisations. This is because LGBTQ individuals continue to face prejudice in society and discrimination. Conversion therapy can result in sadness, anxiety, drug usage, homelessness, and suicide. Minors are particularly vulnerable. The Madras High Court has ordered the National Medical Commission to make the appropriate official notification by classifying Conversion Therapy as a professional misconduct, according to a letter sent to State Medical Councils on August 25. Conversion treatment would be considered a professional misconduct under the Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct Etiquettes and Ethics) Regulations, 2002, in accordance with an order issued by the Ethics and Medical Registration Board on July 8, 2022. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, there is no evidence in favor of using any "therapeutic intervention" that is based on the idea that a particular sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression is pathological. In addition, the AACAP claims that such "conversion treatments" (or other interventions) lack scientific legitimacy and clinical efficacy because they are imposed with the goal of promoting a specific sexual orientation and/or gender as a desirable outcome. Furthermore, there is proof that these procedures are hazardous. Because of this, "conversion therapies" shouldn't be used in any behavioural health care for kids and teens.

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